the migration of the pitti peacock


Image credit: Grazia Italia 

January marks the migration of the Pitti Peacocks, where the most stylish gentlemen of the fashion world flock to Florence to attend the Winter Pitti Uomo Fair.

Pitti Uomo is the most important event for men’s fashion around the world. Inside the Fortezza de Basso, fashion houses from around the world showcase their latest men’s collections. Outside, the Peacocks flock, perching themselves on walls in their immaculate ensembles. Eager to be watched they unapologetically steal the attention away from the fair itself as they lure photographers with their fashion calls.


Image credit: Grazia Italia 

There are featherless folk who are critical of these ‘self-obsessed’ creatures who have the sole intent of being photographed by the likes of Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton. Some have taken to social media to express their rejection of these flightless birds, creating the hashtag ‘getajob’ to illustrate their disdain towards these creatures, scorning them for simply attending the fair to strut and be seen. An outcry has been made regarding the increasing attention paid to the flocks outside the fair, and the consequent decrease in attention paid to the fair itself. Others would say that the Pitti Street style has become all too commercialised, with brands lending out their clothes for the week of Pitti in the hopes that they will be style snapped by an eager black crow swooping outside the fair.

My opinion? I find them to be fascinating creatures. Pitti Uomo is the one chance for these Peacocks to be in the spotlight of the fashion stage, their one opportunity to rival the Paris Peafowls of the front row this Haute Couture Week.


Image credit: Grazia Italia 

I fancied myself quite the bird-watcher this Pitti week as I stood catatonic with wonder, amazed by these foreign creatures seemingly only out of my wildest imagination standing right in front of me. I couldn’t help myself but to join the black crows snapping up pictures of this rare species. After all, it is a rare sight to see so many fashion conscious males strutting their stuff in the same place at the same time.

After adjusting to this new habitat, I began to wonder why this was such a rare sight, and why this overt display of men’s fashion has caused such an outcry. Why should men be questioned for expressing themselves through fashion? And why should they be pigeonholed into a certain sexual orientation for wishing to do so? Why can’t men both have a job, be successful and be fabulous at the same time? When will it be socially acceptable for men to take longer to get ready for a night out than their female counterparts?

Image credit: Grazia Italia 

Fashion should not be some thing that is reserved for women. It is such an important part of society and culture and it should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their gender.

Long story short, we shouldn’t be clipping the wings of these poor Pitti Peacocks through online shaming, yet encouraging this presentation of male style and sophistication. At the end of the day, isn’t that what Pitti Uomo is all about?

Why should we leave it to the Peafowls to have all the fun? Pitti Peacocks, you have my tick of approval. You do you, guys.


Image credit: Grazia Italia 

What do you think about the Pitti Peacocks? Petty or Perfection? Let me know in the comments section below…


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